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So, this is it...

My new shiny place on the web – a place for me to express my thoughts, ramble on about my life in general, comment on the world how I see it and generally become, once again a blogger.

This isn’t my first delve into the world of “blogging” – when I was younger I did dabble with a livejournal and suchlike. But, like most things, as you get older, work harder and generally have less time, the posts slowed down to a stop. And to be honest, although it felt exciting at the time, it was pretty boring stuff – just daily comings and goings etc. Like most teenagers I imagine.

Now we are at the end of 2011, and bordering on the beginning of 2012. The beginning of what is to be a very hectic, but hopefully special year for me. And just like every year, I have started to think about New Year’s Resolutions. But, unlike most other years I have decided to make just the odd one or two resolutions, that I know I will be able to keep. Going for a 2 hour run every evening is, quite frankly, as likely as winning the lottery for me right now – so what is the point in making it? Think simple, think achievable and mostly think about what I actually want to get from 2012. So, my first post will be my New Year’s Resolutions:


1) Remember to take my make up off every night before bed. (Yes, I have a habit of forgetting and I know this is not good. So far, I have remembered every day but one since Christmas Day – so we are stepping in the right direction at least!)

2) Make time for me and for us. To do the things we want to do. 2012 is a year that is going to bring some fantastic things for us but also a year that will be busy, and at times financially difficult. We have the wedding, and the honeymoon and the new house to decorate – and this will mean we will work harder than ever to achieve these dreams. So, my other resolution is to make the time for ME and for US. Even if it just an hour a week where we can just be together, and relax. For me, it might be writing, or reading, or getting to grips with a new painting or drawing method. But thats what matters – it doesn’t cost anything and means the world.

3) Tell the people I love that I love them – more often.


And that is it, for now. It’s a short, but important list. And it was thinking about resolutions that made me think about blogging again. I might not always have much to say, I might not always be right, but it gives me my own little space, and a place to put all my creativities! And hey, if others enjoy it along the way – well that is a great bonus!


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