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The first ever album I remember buying was the Bee Gees “One Night Only” – I remember listening to it alot, and it really got me hooked on music. I still have fond memories of listening to that album 🙂 Perhaps the album that stands out the most for me growing up is the soundtrack to the film “10 Things I Hate About You”. The film is still one of my favourites, and I found some new bands that I hadn’t heard of before that are still in my favourites – such as Letters to Cleo and Sister Hazel. I also spent alot of time listening to Papa Roach’s “Infest” album. This album has some fantastic tracks, especially “Broken Home”. Other faves included Evanescence “Fallen”, Michelle Branch “The Spirit Room”, Sarah McLachlan “Surfacing” and Bif Naked “I Bificus”.

I still listen to alot of the songs on most of these albums today. In fact, “Your Winter”, “Angel” and “Hello” are 3 of my favourite songs of all time.

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