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It’s been a little while since an update – so apologies for that! Things have been busy, what with being back at work, a wedding to plan and general goings on.

However, it has been productive – all my place cards are complete, my favour boxes are going to be well on the way this next week, my bridemaid’s bouquets are done and we met with the hotel to get some solid plans together. It’s been quite exciting, and the hotel were fantastic, offering us useful and helpful advice, and making us feel so much more relaxed about everything. I’ve picked out my wedding ring after a venture round the jewellers yesterday  – and Bruce has an idea of what he wants now and knows his size. So it was worthwhile. Most unlike what I expected, I’ve chosen a plain, thin Palladium ring, which goes perfectly with my engagement ring 🙂 I can’t wait to put it on!

My mum is now back off her holidays, feeling refreshed and looking tanned, and so now girly planning can get into full swing! Next weekend is dress try-on day (to make sure it still fits) and a day to throw around some ideas for hair, make up, shoes etc. I am really looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, my lovely hubby to be is planning his stag night. I’m also planning my hen party, which is only a matter of weeks away. So all in all it’s been quite hectic!

For anyone that might be interested, here some pics of my handmade crafty wedding bits:

Bridemaids bouquet

Bridemaid's bouquet - still in progress

Ladies Favour Box

Ladies Favour Box - first attempt!

Favour Boxes Together

Favour Boxes Together

Men's favour box

Men's Favour Box - first attempt


The first ever album I remember buying was the Bee Gees “One Night Only” – I remember listening to it alot, and it really got me hooked on music. I still have fond memories of listening to that album 🙂 Perhaps the album that stands out the most for me growing up is the soundtrack to the film “10 Things I Hate About You”. The film is still one of my favourites, and I found some new bands that I hadn’t heard of before that are still in my favourites – such as Letters to Cleo and Sister Hazel. I also spent alot of time listening to Papa Roach’s “Infest” album. This album has some fantastic tracks, especially “Broken Home”. Other faves included Evanescence “Fallen”, Michelle Branch “The Spirit Room”, Sarah McLachlan “Surfacing” and Bif Naked “I Bificus”.

I still listen to alot of the songs on most of these albums today. In fact, “Your Winter”, “Angel” and “Hello” are 3 of my favourite songs of all time.

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Yesterday I had a call from my Uncle about the wedding hotel arrangements…which got me thinking that I should really look at how long we have left. So, I had a look at the calendar and was slightly shocked to see that we only have 9 more weeks to go! Where does the time go to! 9 weeks until we get married and still so much to do…

So I have decided that I need to try to accomplish at lease one remaining task per week. Yesterday we started on 3 tasks – the most important one to make the appointment with the wedding planner to finalise the menus, numbers and what we want. Email sent, and hopefully we can see her very soon.

The second task is down to me – and actually I have quite enjoyed it – making up the place cards! I started last night with my “wedding craft box”, having already done a couple of mock ups to get the design I liked.

Place Card Design

This is the very first Mock Up – but pretty much how the actual ones will be looking! My flash on my phone camera doesn’t do this picture justice…

So far I have done 9 cards, and I am quite pleased with them even if I do say so myself. Our colour scheme is white, black and burgundy – and we have opted for black cards as they will stand out quite well. The girls will have a burgundy bow and white heart, the boys will have a black bow and burgundy heart. I got all the necessary bits and pieces from Ebay, and saved a small fortune. For all the cards, decorations and accessories I think the total comes to around £10. Bargain! As we do not have all our RSVP’s back as yet, I’m not sure on the exact number I will need to make, but I think it will be around 40 (we are only having very close family and friends). Which means I’m a quarter of the way to completing this task! Half an hour a night this week, and I should be done.

The third task of this week is probably going to be ongoing. Having met with the registrar before Christmas, we need to decide on the tracks we want to use for our ceremony. It works out at around 6-8 tracks for the beginning, when everyone is arriving. My track to walk down the aisle to, 2-3 tracks for the signing of the register and a track for us both to leave to. Sounds simple… but when we both have quite different tastes in music it is actually quite a task! I think we both know that we want upbeat tracks that everyone can listen to – but at the moment that is about as close as we have got to deciding. We have a couple of shortlisted songs, but nothing set in stone yet. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Although I think I have just about chosen my song (still subject to change, but it’s probably only really a choice between two anyway!)

Next tasks on the list are:

  • Deciding on the wedding rings
  • Deciding on my shoes, hair and make up
  • Choosing the wording we want to use for the vows
  • Making up of the favour boxes

I can’t believe it is so close now – and time will continue to speed by.

In other news, I have been quite good with my resolutions so far – having only forgotten to take my make up off once. I have to say though, I could really tell the difference even just missing one night of “cleanse, tone, moisturise”. Now that  I am into the routine, I can really feel that my skin is softer, more supple and feels much healthier. I have been known to suffer with dry skin, especially in the Winter, but it now feels more hydrated and makes make up application much easier!

And on the note of hydration, I am adding another Resolution to my list – To drink more. I know that I don’t drink enough water throughout the day. I’m not a fan of water at all, and I tend to drink only when I am thirsty. Not the healthiest option. So, in a bid to feel better about myself, and also to continue with my new wedding skin regime, I am going to aim to drink more water. And less tea/coffee. Hopefully I will start to feel the benefits soon!

Anyway, enough ramblings for now. I feel a ratty blog may also be following soon!

Sarah x

Wow! I’ve been nominated for my very first blogging award – The Versatile blogger. The lovely Sarah at SezPets nominated me – which was a nice suprise this morning when I woke up! 🙂 I didn’t even know awards for blogging existed!

The “rules” of this award are the following:

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to as many as 15 more blogging friends.

4. Contact those friends and congratulate them!

So firstly, thank you to SezPets for the nomination – her blog is super, I really enjoy reading about her animals and life in Oz! SezPets nominated me to encourage me to continue with my blogging, which I most definitely intend to do!

7 random facts about myself…

Although I love animals, I have a massive phobia of moths and butterflies – most people think I am slightly insane, especially in the Summer when I scream and run like a banshee away from this little white fluttering butterfly. I am working on it…

My birthday is 23rd December, and despite what most people think I couldn’t think of a better day to have a birthday! I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I was younger I always wanted to be a vet. It was only when I came to realise that I would have to study sciences at college that I decided not to. I now wish I had followed my dream, as I would love  to have become a vet!

I have never seen a Harry Potter film, or read a Harry Potter book.

I love to sing – I love to have my music on in the car, drive along and sing my heart out. But ONLY if nobody is listening and nobody is with me. I hate anyone else to hear me sing.

However, at my 21st Birthday Party I suprised all my family and friends by singing a rendition of Hilary Duff”s “What Dreams are Made Of” – and actually quite enjoyed it. (and no, I wasn’t trollied!!)

On 10th March 2012, I will become a Mrs – and I can’t wait!

So thats the 7 facts, now to pass on the award – I don’t have that many blogging friends (yet) so here goes:

SezPets – I know that she already has a nomination, but I think she deserves another – I really love to read her blog, and the colour scheme is awesome – a lovely refreshing green!! 🙂

My Life With Olive – this is a lovely blog about a Weimeraner dog called Olive and her owner. Reading My Life with Olive really makes me smile, and Olive looks like a great friend!

A Lot of Coffee and Sleepless Nights – a very refreshing blog, with what seems like oodles of lovely rat pictures 🙂 Always a thumbs up in my book!!

So I think that’s everything covered – and I’ll be back with another blog very soon!


Today is a day for a picture post!

Last night, having let me new camera fully charge up, I decided to get the girls out for a bit of free range time. They were, of course very happy to oblige (although not always so happy to be in front of the camera!) I swear sometimes they know exactly what I am thinking and what I want to do… and being the mischeivious little things they are, decide to do whatever they can to prevent me from getting some good snaps! But, I did get a few – bearing in mind I haven’t really figured out what the camera can do and quite literally took the easy, wimpy option of “point and shoot“. So, without further ado let me introduce my girls to the world of WordPress:

This is Elsie – she’s a Top Eared Roan (I think most likely a black Roan, although she could be Agouti as well). We have had her since 9 weeks old (she is now almost 18 months), and although she was slightly crazy when we first got her, she has mellowed and is now a lovable, if not sometimes vocal girl. She is almost completely white now, with the exception of a small patch of grey between her shoulders. Recently, she has started to get a little on the chubby side – which really only adds to her cute little character!


And this is Bella. Bella is Elsie’s sister, and is a top eared Agouti Berkshire – although her tummy markings are not quite so prominent now! As with Elsie, we have had Bella since she was 9 weeks old and she was the quieter of the two. She very quickly came out of her shell though, and has become our Alpha – and also our little explorer. Bella loves to be into everything, and is a nosey and extremely confident girly. Not quite as round as her sister, she happily gets into little spaces, and enjoys legging it across the room at any opportunity. A soft, pleasant and very loving girl to us and her sister, but unfortunately Bella isn’t a fan of other ratties!


Here we have Freda. She is a Dumbo Russian Blue Berkshire with the cutest white belly markings! She turned a year old last week, and we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Freda is probably the squishiest and the most placid of all our girls and really is the sweetest natured rat. Always following her nose for food, Freda is a chunky girl who loves nothing more than a cuddle and a treat whilst sitting on  your lap. She is also a little chatterbox, and can often be found bruxing and chirping when she is happy and getting attention.


And last but by no means least, we have Susie. Susie is a Dumbo Russian Blue Self, and is Freda’s sister. Again we have had her since 6 weeks old and she is a very happy, confident little character. Susie also had her birthday last week, and has grown into our mishievious little girly who really loves to come out, have some attention and make the room her playground! She has recently found where the underneath of the oven is, and spends much of her time trying to get to this lovely dark place. No matter how many times we try to reason with her that it is really not a good idea – she still tries. So now, we have to make sure the door to the kitchen is securely closed! A beautiful little girl, Susie always brings a smile to anyones face!


So, that’s our four girls and a little bit about them. All four live happy, healthy lives in the “Rat Room” and enjoy lots of fun and food. They are all from a breeder, and I can only recommend to anyone looking for a rat to think about getting a rat from an established and well regarded breeder or rescue centre. They truly make fantastic pets, especially for children!

For information on the colourings and varieties of fancy rats – including the varieties of our girls visit the National Fancy Rat Society website.


Happy New Year!

Well, 2012 has arrived and so far New Year’s Day has been uneventful – but nice. A peaceful New Year’s Eve spent eating fish and chips, and a quiet New Year’s Day with just us and the rats. I’ve done my fair share of loud, drunken and long New Year’s Eves – with singing, dancing and general drunken antics. This year, as daft as it sounds I had the best New Year’s Eve ever.

I sat reading my Kindle, “When God was a Rabbit” for anyone who is interested, snuggled in bed by 10pm and not long after I snoozed. Waking up to the sound of merriment and fireworks at what must have been around midnight, I realised that I was exactly where I wanted to be be. I thought about the last year – with good times and bad times, the loss of loved ones, but also the gaining of new friends, new jobs and most importantly our new house and lease of life. And it made me thankful – made me think that I am extremely lucky to have who and what I have in my life. And not only thinking about what has gone by, but also what is to come – 2012 brings new dreams and hopes – our wedding, the holiday of a lifetime and who knows what else.

I’m proud of where we have got to and proud of what we have achieved. It has been tough, and we have faced hurdles along the way but I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.

And I feel lucky to be able to say that on the very first day of the year. Let’s see what dreams we can achieve!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

So, this is it...

My new shiny place on the web – a place for me to express my thoughts, ramble on about my life in general, comment on the world how I see it and generally become, once again a blogger.

This isn’t my first delve into the world of “blogging” – when I was younger I did dabble with a livejournal and suchlike. But, like most things, as you get older, work harder and generally have less time, the posts slowed down to a stop. And to be honest, although it felt exciting at the time, it was pretty boring stuff – just daily comings and goings etc. Like most teenagers I imagine.

Now we are at the end of 2011, and bordering on the beginning of 2012. The beginning of what is to be a very hectic, but hopefully special year for me. And just like every year, I have started to think about New Year’s Resolutions. But, unlike most other years I have decided to make just the odd one or two resolutions, that I know I will be able to keep. Going for a 2 hour run every evening is, quite frankly, as likely as winning the lottery for me right now – so what is the point in making it? Think simple, think achievable and mostly think about what I actually want to get from 2012. So, my first post will be my New Year’s Resolutions:


1) Remember to take my make up off every night before bed. (Yes, I have a habit of forgetting and I know this is not good. So far, I have remembered every day but one since Christmas Day – so we are stepping in the right direction at least!)

2) Make time for me and for us. To do the things we want to do. 2012 is a year that is going to bring some fantastic things for us but also a year that will be busy, and at times financially difficult. We have the wedding, and the honeymoon and the new house to decorate – and this will mean we will work harder than ever to achieve these dreams. So, my other resolution is to make the time for ME and for US. Even if it just an hour a week where we can just be together, and relax. For me, it might be writing, or reading, or getting to grips with a new painting or drawing method. But thats what matters – it doesn’t cost anything and means the world.

3) Tell the people I love that I love them – more often.


And that is it, for now. It’s a short, but important list. And it was thinking about resolutions that made me think about blogging again. I might not always have much to say, I might not always be right, but it gives me my own little space, and a place to put all my creativities! And hey, if others enjoy it along the way – well that is a great bonus!

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