I’m a 27 year old English woman, originally from Manchester (UK) but now living in Sheffield with my husband to be. I’m still 15 in my head though, and love anything cute, cuddly, warm, fluffy or a combination of those things. I keep 4 pet rats – my girls! Bella, Elsie, Susie and Freda. My brain is made up mostly of creative things – I’m not a Maths or Science whizz. I love to draw, write, read, listen, create and more and I want to make more time in 2012 to do those things that I love. I also really enjoy playing WoW – and the geek inside me is no longer too shy to admit it 🙂 I have the most fantastic family and friends, who I love dearly. Counting down now to my wedding in March, and then to our Disneyworld honeymoon in September – it’s going to be an awesome year!!


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Hi ebonflower, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, especially about your beautiful rats and I hope you will continue blogging. Here’s the link to the post http://sezpets.wordpress.com/

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